Guitar Lessons in Marysville & Camano Island

0I began teaching guitar lessons on North Camano Island and Everett in 2002 and joined 8th Note Music in Marysville in 2012. I currently offer lessons in electric bass, ukulele and mandolin. Lesson material and pace are custom tailored to each student. I have taught ages 5 thru 80, from total beginners to recording artists in many styles.

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Finger Dexterity

You’ll learn specific hand and finger exercises consistent with playing the guitar. Chords and scales are easier when your fingers know where to go and how to get there. Use my simple method for 5-10 minutes a day, and I can almost guarantee results.

Sight Reading
Notes and Tabs

A basic knowledge of sight reading notes helps you learn tunes faster. You will learn to read the notes for most simple songs across all 6 strings in about 6 weeks – one string per week.


You’ll learn to play chords right away, Scales come soon after. Playing a sequence of chords together is another way to say ‘play a song’. You’ll learn how chords are built from scales and how they fit together.


Hard, classic or alternative rock, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, classical and flamenco are all defined by their rhythm. As a beginning guitar player, you will be introduced to as many of these styles as you choose.

Melody and Ear Training

If you can hum a tune, you can play it. I’ll show you how. Regardless of age or ability, my teaching approach is designed to help you apply solid fundamentals to either guitar or bass, in the musical style you want to play – at your own pace. You pick the direction you want to go, and I’ll show you the best way to get there.

Advancing Guitar Lessson

I will teach you a simple technique to unlock barre chords, turn them into simple repeatable finger shapes, then move them around the frets like puzzle pieces.This approach has limitless possibilities and applies to all kinds of music.

Since chords are derived from scales like words from an alphabet the next step is to add scale tones to the basic chord shapes. Chord substitution and improvisation will follow!

I will teach you a simple and practical method to understand and apply this knowledge, even if you can’t read a note.

Instruction on song writing and jazz and blues improvisation available.

Six week ‘crash’ courses on the musical topics of your choice can be customized.