The first time I went to my new guitar teacher I didn’t know what he’d be like. Now that I’ve been going to him for a couple of years I know what to expect. He is patient when he gives lessons. He is also funny. One time I learned to play Greensleeves, and Dust In the Wind. He put the sound of Dust In the Wind to Greensleeves and called it Dust in the Sleeves. I hope I can play like him.


From the beginning I thought the guitar would be a fun thing to try out, not to mention the hot babes it attracted.
In choosing a teacher I wanted one that would give me an exposure to anything I saw fitting, and I found it with Ford. From Bach to the new hip bands these days, Ford is able to teach me, thus bolstering my arsenal for the attraction of hot babes. On the path of learning, the guitar has opened more doors than just the attraction of hot babes, although they are a nice side effect.


Ford is a great guy and a great teacher. He explains things at your level and teaches songs that you want to learn. You never leave his class without a laugh and a smile on your face. You’ll love him!


I found Ford in the phone book. I never played the guitar before, but Ford has taught me so much. From technique to all the songs I want to learn. I love going to lessons every week. Ford explains things very clearly.

Sierra A

I highly recommend Ford’s instruction methods for a beginner who would like to learn basic guitar skills. In only a few months, Ford was able to teach me chords that enabled me to play some of my favorite songs. As someone who does educational programs for children, being able to sing and play simple songs on the guitar has been a wonderful addition to my teaching repertoire. Ford is top notch guitar teacher!

Mary J

After 40 years of playing guitar, gigging and recording, there is still alot to learn. Ford has very in-depth knowledge of the guitar that will help bring my understanding and performance skills way beyond what I have taken years to learn on my own.


Ford has performed at the Camano Senior and Community Center for several private functions such as weddings. His guitar music adds just the right ambiance and is not so overwhelming that the music is overbearing. This kind of music is great for seating guests at a wedding, or music to welcome guests to a dinner or fundraiser. We recommend Ford to those seeking light music for their special occasion.

Laurie M.

Executive Director

A co-worker at Boeing told me about Ford and I have
been taking lessons from him for the past 18 months.
During that time, Ford has shown great versatility
in teaching a wide range of musical styles and he shares
a strong passion for the guitar. Ford is great for those
that want to learn guitar theory or if you just want to learn
how to play your favorite songs. He is easy to work with and
very accommodating when trying to make your schedule work.
I would personally recommend Ford for anyone who is looking
for a competent and capable teacher.

Russell N.

I started taking guitar lessons with Ford 2 years ago, because I thought it was cool and it looked fun. He has taught me a lot: how to read music, and how to play with rhythm. He teaches me songs that I want to learn. You should take lessons from Ford because you won’t learn anything boring. It’s always fun and sometimes challenging.


Ford is flexible and knowledgeable in his teaching style – positive, friendly and helpful. Lessons are fun, relaxed and productive, regardless of your ability.
My daughter had little musical background when she started lessons with Ford, but she learned the basics quickly. When she left for college, I picked up her acoustic guitar and started lessons. It was not for me. Ford introduced me to the classical guitar, traditional note reading and Spanish music with an emphasis on technique. I have enjoyed my new and challenging hobby.


If you are interested in guitar lessons but can’t decide what teacher, I would recommend Ford. He makes you feel comfortable and lessons aren’t boring. I’ve learned so much n the guitar because of Ford. Playing guitar was harder than I thought it would be, but For helped me every step of the way. Now I’ve learned how to play it is so much fun!


Taking guitar lessons has shown me what kind of potential I have. Before, I didn’t know what to practice and I was stuck with strumming basic chords for a very long time. Taking lessons with Ford brought my playing to a new level because I became more aware of proper technique, tone, and flow. Ford has taught me how to play finger style guitar with a little flamenco and classical here and there; the song choices are based on my decisions. Lessons have made playing guitar more enjoyable for me because I see myself improving instead of being in a loop.

Tom P

Ford provided my son with an important space every young man needs in his life; a teacher of some skill and a space he can grow in. These men are otherwise sadly missing in modern society, and Ford has provided a down to earth approach which has allowed my son to thrive.

Mark P.

I had several people intentionally stop me to mention that they really enjoyed your music last night. Thank you so much for being there, for adding something special to the program, and of course –for your donation. I hope we can work together on another event very soon!


If you’re looking for someone who has spent many years of his life studying the many different aspects of playing guitar, and wish to learn from someone who has an extraordinary amount of patience, skill, and expertise, then Ford is the right teacher for you! No genre is out of touch, no student is too new, too young, or too old, and of course no song is out of skill range for him. He has taught me many things, and you can learn from him too!


My daughter had little musical background when she began taking lessons with Ford. Using an acoustic guitar, she quickly learned to play contemporary songs written in both tab and music notation. When she went off to college, I picked up her guitar and her lesson spot with Ford. After a short time I found it was not for me and was ready to quit.
Ford rejuvenated my interest by introducing me to classical guitar, traditional note reading and Spanish guitar music, with an emphasis on technique. I have been studying with Ford over 2 years now and totally enjoy my new and challenging hobby.


From the moment I walked into Ford’s studio, I was inspired by his attitude towards style and emphasis on personal development. Ford has the desire and ability to build strong foundations for both the recreational and ambitious players. His positive motivational techniques can transform recreational guitar players into passionate performers for the rest of their lives.

Chris K

When I finally realized I wasn’t going to learn guitar from a book or DVD and was ready to give it up, I was fortunate to hear about a fellow baby boomer who taught finger-style acoustic guitar.

I’ve been taking lessons from Ford for about 8 months. Ford’s teaching style is suited to the student, young or older. His knowledge of music and guitars was a welcome resource as a beginner. One of Ford’s qualities is his ability to assess a students skill level. Then he quickly incorporates a challenging lesson plan that fits the student. He is gentle yet firm. I appreciate his high level of expectation; it helps me improve more rapidly.


Ford is an awesome teacher. He is fun and really inspires kids to play music.

Mackenzie (age 8)

Ford is a great teacher! He was able to quickly and nicely break down complex ideas to basic practice methods. Having played for a few years but wanting to learn more, he is able to help me develop some basic quality techniques that will let me take my playing where I want it to go. Ford is great for the student who has learned a bit but wants to take it to the next level. I would be happy to recommend Ford as a teacher to anyone who wants to improve on the guitar.


Ford has an amazing gift for teaching the guitar to young kids. Our 10 yr old son is excited about learning and playing the guitar and looks forward to the weekly sessions. Our son was new to playing instruments and was a little intimidated by the idea of doing something new that he was not naturally good at, but Ford has really helped him build confidence and so 13 months later we could not be more pleased with the progress our son has made and to hear him play songs like “Hey Jude” and “We are the Champions” on his electric guitar is simply amazing.

Craig G.

Ford is the best guitar teacher I ever had. He taught me how to read music notes, tab and chords. He is a very patient teacher and does not yell at me.

Dylan (age7)

I’ve been taking guitar lessons with Ford for 4 years. At first I didn’t want to, but my Mom surprised me by signing me up for lessons. It was the best thing I was forced to do. Ford quickly taught me basic finger-style and note reading, and by the end of the summer I knew the notes and could play with my fingers.
I couldn’t believe how quickly I picked it up. Since then, Ford has been able to teach me a new song that I want to play every week. Ford teaches at your pace and uses simple examples to help you understand quickly.


I don’t know where to begin. Ford is a fun loving guy, has an awesome cat and really knows his way around the instruments, and not just the guitar – all types of funky things. I would recommend Ford to anyone from just beginning (like I was) to an advanced player just trying to see what more they can learn.


Ford is an awesome teacher. He’s a very experienced guitar player so he has a lot of info to learn from. Plus he is good at teaching new songs. He taught me to read and write music in a way that is understandable. Not only is he a great teacher but is also a great person. He’s nice, funny and will make your lessons far from boring.


Ford is an amazing teacher and musician. Our daughter has learned so much playing songs she loves and she hasn’t lost interest. Ford makes it fun and seems to know what each student needs. He listens to our daughter and truly wants her to love music.

Stephanie R.

After 38 years of playing guitar m playing was getting stale and uninspired. In learning to be an audio engineer I spent a lot of time listening to many guitar players of about every style, and I was very disappointed with my own progress. My lessons with Ford have brought the fun back. We work on what I want to work on, but he doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I am doing something that is holding me back. He has excellent guitar and theory knowledge, and is a great teacher. I am completely comfortable in recommending him to friends who have played for years as well as those just beginning. His ability to see what I’m doing wrong and show me what to practice to overcome it is invaluable.


Ford is a guitar teacher with a passion for music. His love for playing guitar and enthusiasm for teaching is evident in every lesson. From the first lesson he showed patience support and expertise. He lets our daughter to pick her favorite tunes so the learning is personalized, and lets her progress at her own pace. He even took the time to find the proper guitar for my daughter, right down to the pink music stand she wanted. I have recommended him to my friends and family and wouldn’t take my children anywhere else to learn guitar.

Robert W.

Ford is a most talented musician, a wonderful conversationalist, a giving teacher, and has become a unique friend. I came to him not for guitar lessons, but to see if he could possibly do ukulele lessons. He was not only confident in his abilities to figure it out with me, but to use his guitar expertise to teach me basic playing principles and music theory along the way.

Often I would come to his lessons with a song in mind (or we would flip to a random page in his ukulele music book he bought for us to use), and he would play the tune on his guitar to figure out the rhythm, and then we’d transcribe the chords to our ukuleles. It was one of the most engaging type of lessons I’ve ever taken in my life, and I feel like this his in-depth process truly makes a difference.